About Us

Co-founded by Fraser & Chloë Malyk, Skär Organics was created to bring restoration to a broken sector. A sector shrouded in lies, poor ingredients and pesticides.

Est. 2019

Our Story

Skär Organics is an independent family business established in 2019.

Co-founded by Fraser & Chloë Malyk, Skär Organics was created to bring restoration to a broken sector – with a grander vision of highlighting the root problem – our homes.

Every evil can be traced back to someone’s home. In the world of consumer goods, bad products & exploitative practices exist not simply because of those who occupy the high seats of power within these companies. They exist because homes around the world vote in favour of these businesses with their money.

A candle not only helps to create your story, but it has a story of its own. The small wick alone can tell you of catastrophic environmental impacts – through pesticides & their effects on soils, rivers, wildlife, humans & bees. Or it can show you something beautiful – of businesses & farmers working against many barriers, but working for & with the planet…

Organic certification helps to ensure that all ingredients have been managed according to the strictest standards at every stage of the process. Our beeswax, for example, requires a 3km radius around the apiary site where the pollen and nectar sources are principally from organic and spontaneous vegetation – where no pesticides, roads, & other sources of potential contamination can be present. This not only protects the bees – it helps to protect the beekeepers, the soils, rivers, wildlife & your home too.

We combine expert candle making, the purest ingredients & a beautiful aesthetic to deliver candles that will help you to create a better story.

Our Future


We are committed to developing only products that are certified organic & sustainable. To this end, our  innovations are developed in close partnership with the Soil Association (our organic certifying body). For now, we aim to radically transform the candle market through transparency, the purest ingredients & by rejoicing in the ancient handcrafted art of chandlery.


BC - The first known arrival of the beeswax candle