Organic Candles

The UK’s first & only certified organic candles

Organic Beeswax Candles

Our organic beeswax candles are certified organic by the Soil Association. All of our beeswax candles are handmade in small batches in our workshop in Yorkshire.

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Faithful Dominion

We are the UK’s first & only manufacturer of certified organic candles.

We combine the ancient art of candle making with the world’s most pure and luxurious ingredients.

We partner exclusively with a number of remote certified organic apiaries across Europe who work in harmony with their bees & their environment.


We have a pure organic beeswax candle range & organic aromatherapy candle range.

Certified organic candles

In order for a candle to be organic, it must be certified organic. This means that the candles must be independently certified by a government approved certification body.

There are a number of organic certification bodies in the UK. We are certified by the Soil Association. The Soil Association approve all of our ingredient suppliers, our processes & record keeping. We are inspected annually by the Soil Association to ensure that we are meeting the organic standards.

Organic is superior to “natural”. All organic ingredients are natural, but not all natural ingredients are organic. Our beeswax, for instance, must meet the organic standards to be called organic. In this instance, it is required that within a 6km diameter of the hive, there should not be any pesticides, main roads or waste sites present. The aim of the standards is to seek to ensure the purity of the natural ingredients. There are strict standards governing the beekeeping & the apiaries are assessed annually to ensure they are meeting the organic standards.

Organic is better for the bees, the land, the rivers, the beekeepers & your home.

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Featured Products

All of our candles are certified organic – here are some of our most popular.