The First Organic Candles from the UK. Designed & Made in Yorkshire

Our story so far.


As a family, we have made candles for friends and loved ones for many years. Our growing awareness of the environmental impact of certain ingredients (pesticide-intensive cotton, GM Soy wax, synthetic fragrances etc) and the toxicity of candles (paraffin / synthetic fragrances) in the home lead us to consider alternatives. Once we found out that there were no certified organic candles from the UK, we wanted to change that.

A candle not only helps create stories, but it has a story of its own. The small wick alone can tell you of catastrophic environmental impacts, through fertilisers & their effects on soil, rivers, wildlife, and humans. Or it can show you something beautiful, of businesses & farmers working against many barriers, but working for & with the planet.


We are committed to:

Protecting workers & the environment – From pesticides & fertilisers, and the harmful effects of Genetically Modified crops.

Protecting the home – from paraffin, synthetic fragrance, bleaching & potentially harmful non-organic ingredients from GM, and fertiliser/pesticide farming sources.

Sustainability – We support only sustainable farming methods and packaging solutions. If it’s not recycled, reusable, recyclable, or compostable, it’s not touching our products.

Transparency – We know clarity is important for people’s trust in organic certification. All our prized ingredients and blends are presented clearly for everyone to see.

Beautifully Simple Aesthetics – The same level of care that we apply to our sourcing of ingredients, we apply to our sourcing of creative.

Organic Certification

We are certified by the Soil Association under both COSMOS and their Health and beauty standards. The range of certified organic candles fall under their health and beauty standards and our certification and approved trading schedule is below:

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