Organic Beeswax Hand Dipped Candles (Natural)


Hand dipped beeswax candles made from European certified organic beeswax with an unbleached GOTS certified organic cotton wick.

Burn Times:
Dinner Candle (10″ x 6/7″) = 130g = 24+ Hours (Pair)
Dinner Candle (16″ x 6/7″) = 230g = 40+ Hours (Pair)

Slim Dinner Candles (10″ x 3/7″) = 175g = 30+ Hours (Bundle of 10)
Slim Dinner Candles (16″ x 3/7″) = 300g = 50++ Hours (Bundle of 10)

Twisted Dinner Candle  (10″ x 6/7″) = 35g = 3-4 Hours (Single)
Twisted Dinner Candle  (16″ x 6/7″) = 60g = 5-6 Hours (Single)



Certified Organic Hand Dipped Candles

Discover the essence of beautiful light with our exclusive line of hand dipped candles.

Crafted using meticulously sourced certified organic beeswax, our candles are a testament to the beauty of nature. We take great joy in collaborating with certified apiaries across Europe, supporting their exceptional management and dedication to their environment.

Our natural beeswax collection is made from 100% certified organic beeswax paired with a GOTS certified organic cotton wick.

Additional information

Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 20 × 50 × 50 cm

Organic Beeswax


100% Organic Chlorine Free Cotton


Organic Dinner (Pair), Organic Slim Dinner (Bundle 5 x Pair), Organic Twisted (Single)


10", 16"


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